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Hongyuan company profile
We are a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging products for paper and paperboard. We can customize printing and mold production for a variety of customers. Our vision is to provide customers with complete food packaging solutions and customized special molds to meet their needs. In order to ensure the long-term stability of products, we always rely on production and processing professionals to overcome technical problems. We have a chain production structure. In the source of improvement, innovation and invention, our production machinery has been replaced by the machinery department. That's why we have always been ahead of the paper products manufacturing industry and won a reputation as a supplier of high quality and custom printing and packaging solutions.
We are committed to implementing environmentally sound practices at all locations, ensuring responsible procurement, maximizing reuse and recycling of materials, safe disposal of waste, and encouraging waste minimization in all processes. We are learning more about how to improve our systems and processes to maintain the future of the planet we use together every day.
We advocate sustainable packaging design, improve recycling, and strive to reduce packaging waste. As part of the circular economy, recycling is our preferred system to ensure the highest value of raw materials. We work directly with waste management and resource recovery stakeholders to develop increasingly sustainable solutions for product disposal, including the transfer of products to new recycling streams. As a company, it is very important to understand our total energy consumption, so we can take measures to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of the program, companies have been working to reduce waste generated in the manufacturing process, as well as the use of energy and water.

Order procedure:
The team works with customers in food service, retail and FMCG to provide fast and integrated product development services, reducing the development time from 12 months to 1 day.
We are customer-oriented, committed to understand the core and function of product design, and develop the best products in innovation. Understanding the goals of customers and the needs of end users is the core of our development of packaging solutions.
Work with our customers to understand their needs, product views, functional requirements and previous packaging background to help provide solutions. Our in-house design team then generates and customizes solutions to meet customer needs.
Customer feedback drives improvement to ensure final products meet relevant standards. The project is then handed over to an introduction team to manage the manufacturing and supply of the product.
Do you understand?
Our process begins with a thorough understanding of customer requirements, product awareness, functional requirements, and background stories that inform possible solutions. Exploring the end user experience and understanding the meaning of the customer brand can help us stay in line with customer expectations. This early stage usually includes a visit to the store and inspection of the production line to increase first-hand knowledge of the product mix.

The generation of creativity
The expertise and creativity of the internal design team is used to generate concepts and designs that meet agreed customer needs. The concept and product development process may focus on developing specific parts of the design that meet customer needs, or adopt a more comprehensive approach from the beginning. Typical outputs of this phase are a few conceptual options considered by the customer.
Then, customer feedback adjusts the design by driving. Once the concept is approved, we hone the engineering details and design of the manufacturing and assembly to ensure that the packaging meets the purpose. This is through prototype and sample testing and review, first in-house and then on the market. One of the key outputs of this phase is material verification and production information, i.e. the cost of manufacturing tools and production packaging.
It is then handed over to the product introduction team, which manages the manufacturing and supply of the product. Our team fully supports customers during the transition from prototype to mass production, and assists in the establishment of quality standards, verification tools and production procedures. We also monitor regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with all safety and quality standards and support product testing, production certification and audit programs.

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